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Minecraft Premium Account Generator

To celebrate KeygenCenter’s 4th month online, we’re releasing a very special account generator, the Minecraft Premium Account Generator. It will allow you to play Minecraft for free. Regardless, we will continue providing high quality releases to our community. We hope you guys enjoy it. Without any delay, we’re here to introduce the Minecraft Premium Account Generator.

Minecraft Premium Account Generator

This program is very different to the others we have released. We wouldn’t exactly call it a generator but more like a account converter. It seems wrong to call it an account creator because it doesn’t make the account for you, it only converts the account to Premium.

This program purchases a Premium Account code at no cost and converts  your account to Premium. We decided not to show users the Premium code to prevent this method from getting patched. Most functions of this program are handled with one of our servers. You can be assured that you are safe from account closures, bans, and more.

Does this program work?

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Last Updated and Working on: August 26, 2016

After downloading Minecraft Premium Account Generator from above, follow the instructions below:


  1. After downloading the program, run the program. A program shown in the screenshot above will appear.
  2. The next step is to register an account on the Minecraft website. The direct link to the account creation can be found here.
  3. After creating an account, input your user name in the text box of the program.
  4. The next step is to convert your newly created Minecraft account to Premium. It can take from 1-3 minutes for the account to be fully converted due to the server load. You can convert an unlimited amount of Minecraft accounts with the Minecraft Premium Account Generator.

Minecraft Premium Accounts

Minecraft is one of the most popular Java-based games out on the web. The game revolves around construction. The game world is essentially made out of cubes arranged in a fixed patterns which represent different materials, such as dirt, stone, various ores, water, and tree trunks. Minecraft is also based off of survival. At night, creepers, spiders, zombies and more come out looking for prey. Build swords, axes, shovels and more to fend off the horrid monsters of the night.

Minecraft has three game types: Survival, Hardcore and Creative. In Creative, you have unlimited health and supplies. You have all possible materials such as blocks, weapons, food, and more. Enemies also don’t cause any damage. In Survival mode, you are left off to fend of enemies with limited blocks and a limited amount of health. Hardcore mode is a Minecraft game mode that is a variant of survival, differing primarily by the lack of the ability to respawn and change difficulty. Hardcore mode is recommended for those veteran Minecraft players. Besides all that surviving and building, you can also cook food and enchant weapons. Food options such as mushroom stew, bread, cookies, or cake are available in Minecraft. You can also enchant weapons. This is a plus when is comes to hunting for enemies or simply wanting to enchant your pick-axe to mine faster.

The player is placed in a huge world in the beginning of the game. The player then walks across mountains, caves, slopes, and other terrain. The game has a daytime and nighttime both of which have different events and characteristics. The daytime is calm and is a great time to gather supplies and food. On the other hand, the nighttime is dangerous and full of dangerous predators. The player has to make sure his health bar is not depleted in case of any attack. In order to replenish your health, you can eat foods or sleep. If the player dies, he drops all of his inventory and is taken back to the start.


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10 Responses

  1. David Z. says:

    Is there an account conversion limit? Can I convert 3 accounts to premium?

  2. Gary says:

    Just converted my account to premium, thanks!

  3. Ben says:

    Why don’t you upload these hacks on Mediafire?

    • KeygenCenter Staff says:

      The reason why we upload our game hacks on those sites is to help us pay off the site’s fee’s to keep it running.

  4. Elis says:

    It won’t let me download it, it keeps saying do a survey, how do I just download it?

    • KeygenCenter Staff says:

      You cannot skip the surveys. The surveys are there to protect the download from any unwanted visitors. They also help us pay for the domain and to keep it running without those annoying ads.

  5. Jared K. says:

    Got 3 free Minecraft Accounts because of this program, thanks!

  6. Jake F. says:

    Out of all my friends I’m the only one that got a free Minecraft account, good thing I downloaded this program!

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