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MW3 10th Prestige Hack Download – PC, Xbox 360 & PS3

With our community rapidly growing, we’ve decided to release yet another great program for you guys. Not only have we’ve been trying to improve your experience here at but we’re releasing new programs left and right just for your hacking needs! Get the MW3 10th Prestige Hack download today.

Our MW3 10th Prestige Hack will get you that 10th prestige you’ve always wanted since MW3 came out.  Once you’ve used our MW3 10th Prestige Hack, each kill will level you up 80 levels. Simply kill 10 enemies and you’ll reach 10th Prestige in no-time. After you’ve reached 10th Prestige, the program will automatically close the gateway and you’ll be earning regular amounts of XP points per kill/objectives completed. Please note that this is an exclusive download only available on

The following are unlocked after using this program:

  • All Titles & Emblems
  • All Guns
  • All Weapon Camouflages
  • All Pro Perks
  • All Killstreaks
  • & more!
PC Version:

Xbox 360 Version:

PS3 Version:


Does this program work?

3,573 Votes for YES

Last Updated and Working on: August 26, 2016


  1. Download our MW3 10th Prestige Hack.
  2. Run program and wait for it to open.
  3. Choose your gaming system (PC, Xbox 360 or PS3).
  4. Enter in data, this depends on which system you’re using.
  5. If you’re running the MW3 10th Prestige Hack for Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 you will need to download the required file, you can download it by clicking “Required file”. This file opens all of the gateways and avoids the servers from crashing.
  6. After entering your data, simply click “Run”. The process will then initiate.
  7. Wait for the process to be completely finished.
  8. After the process has finished, simply go back on MW3 and begin playing, you will notice that each kill will be level you up 80 times.
  9. Simple kill 10 enemies and you’ll reach 10th Prestige and unlock all of the add-ons (Guns, Camos, Killstreaks, etc.) by using our MW3 10th Prestige Hack.
  • You’re done! Make sure you tell your friends about this.

Is this safe? Will I get banned?

Short answer: Yes you are 100% safe and no you will not be banned by using our MW3 10th Prestige Hack.

Long answer: While coding this program our main focus was not to only ensure that it works but to verify that it won’t be detected. In order to solve this simple issue, we integrated a new security script to the program’s server. We also had this program in beta for several days to ensure that the process is undetectable. Xbox Live, PC, and PSN won’t have a single clue that you’re using this program. In addition, the extra gateways we added ensure you that this program is completely safe and undetectable.

In addition, when we say we tested the hack, we are normally testing for in-game detection. We will take a large amount of accounts for the particular game and test on hacks and trainers for it, in this case MW3. Most of the time, everything will go smoothly. Some companies are a bit tricky. It can take months of testing to bypass just one certain in-game detection. If we conclude as a team that the game requires too much effort to bypass, we simply discontinue the hack. It will never get released to the public. All of our hacks that are available for the public are undetectable and are tested daily for detection.

Will this program receive updates?

Our MW3 10th Prestige Hack Download  will definitely be receiving weekly check-ups if not daily. If we encounter a problem within the program we will immediately inform you guys about the issue. As for a v2, you’ll have to wait and see.

  • Have questions regarding this program? Simply contact us by using our contact form.

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14 Responses

  1. Alex says:

    I went from 2nd perstige to 10th prestige in 30 minutes, thanks!

  2. Ryder says:

    Does this work in Canada?

  3. Brandon F. says:

    I’m definitely downloading this, I’m barely a 1st prestige.

  4. Trent says:

    I clicked the download button why do I have to complete a survey?

    • KeygenCenter Staff says:

      Surveys are there for several reasons. For one, they help protect our programs from viruses and trolls on the internet that want to mess with our programs. In addition, the surveys also help us keep the site running. If you wish to avoid surveys you can purchase a premium pass.

  5. Bruce says:

    Will you guys be making a 20th prestige hack?

  6. Jacob R. says:

    Just hit tenth prestige!

  7. William H. says:

    Will there be a 20th prestige hack soon?

  8. Jack says:

    Sweet! This should come in handy ha.

  9. Reynaldo says:

    Please make a Black Ops 2 one once the game comes out!

  10. Jack E. says:

    Make a similar program for Black Ops 2!

  11. Gio Wesly says:

    You guys should make a Black Ops 2 Prestige Hack..

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